The Making of The Perfect Timelapse: Green Bowl Bali

Well, here it is, my first ever Timelapse and I decided to create a series of Timelapses to find that Perfect one where everything should be, well, “perfect” hopefully!

Doing and shooting this timelapse was a spur of the moment thing and I decided that Green Bowl beach in Bali would suit the moment.

Firstly I used my Sony a6000 with 16-50mm kit lens all the way opened to 16mm, ISO100, f8 and a shutter speed of 1sec at the beginning and ended up on 1/160sec for the last few shots with the Timelapse app which is an added extra from the Sony store at $9.99 here.


Now with all the mistakes I made as it was quite apparent even while I was there shooting it and doing it.

  1. The settings on the app: 16:9, RAW with a 2 second Interval between shots. The 2 sec interval was way too short between each photo, I could have easily set the interval to at least 5 seconds which I will try out next time.
  2. The 2 second interval created the biggest problem I had. Not having enough memory space on the 32Gb, yip I ran out of space before the sun was out completely. As you can see with the very last bit of the timelapse, the sun is suddenly higher!? I had to go back and delete some of the first photo’s in order to get some shots of the sun showing itself completely.
    Note to self: Ensure the memory card is completely empty before going out to shoot a timelapse! (I had about 5Gb of video on the card too that I could not delete :/ )
  3. Do not even try and move the camera to simulate having a rail setup. I did really think it will not be as jaggy as it was, but I think I sort of got the hang of it the last bit.
  4. After deleting about 40 images in the middle that was way over exposed I used a total of 726 images for this timelapse.
    So, with using 726 photos I was unable to edit the timelapse in the free version of LR Timelapse. If you don’t know what LR timelaspe is, check it out, it is pretty amazing. LR Timelapse quickly and easily sorts out the flickering of different exposures which I was unable to use as the free version only permits up to 400 images to be edited.

I would say it was actually quite a successful learning session and hopefully if I sort out these issues with my next session I will be closer to getting to that Perfect Timelapse.

If you notice anything that I missed that could help me, please share it with me in the comments below, I am here to learn!

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