Green Dragon Ball

A Coral Rock on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Jimbaran Bukit of Bali, named Pandawa. According to Feng Shui principles, this art piece should be displayed in the East or South-Eastern side of your property if you prefer green or in the West or North-Western side if you prefer the white coral in the photo.

Canvas – Worldwide


One early morning on Pandawa beach I came across the Green Dragon’s ball of cold white fire! How mysterious… ? on the Island of the Gods! ?

Feng Shui Principles

On it’s own: Hang this piece in the West or North-Western side of your property.
Arrangement: Place it in the West, or North-Western side of the arrangement or set of photo’s.

Print location options in order:
1. East = Element: Wood | Colour: Green | Brings: Family & Health.
2. South-East = Element: Wood | Colour: Green | Brings: Abundance & Wealth.
3. West = Element: Metal | Colours: White, Gold, Silver | Brings: Creative Expression, Future, Ability to Complete, Conception.
4. North-West = Element: Metal | Colours: White, Gold, Silver | Brings: Travel Blessings, Helpful people, Father.

Additional information

Canvas - Worldwide

18x12in.(45x30cm) – $230
27x18in.(68x45cm) – $320
32x21in.(81x53cm) – $365
40x27in.(101x68cm) – $420
48x32in.(121x81cm) – $495

Print Only

6000x4000px, 350dpi – $70


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