Sunset Ubud, Bali

Amazing sunset over Ubud’s Rice Fields in Bali. According to Feng Shui principles, this art piece should be displayed in the Center, North-East, East or South-Eastern side of your property.

Canvas – Worldwide

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I captured this photograph using 3 different levels of exposure, added the photo’s together and created this enhanced photo that shows so much detail of the rice blades the sun and the Pandana plant to the right. Stare for a while into the sun and just feel… It is as if you are looking into the sun directly.

Print and hang the photo to bring in some sunshine!

I would suggest using this photo on it’s own and create a print as large as possible to fit your wall.

Feng Shui Principles

On it’s own: Hang this piece in the East, South-East, Center or North-Eastern side of your property.
Arrangement: Place it in the Eastern or South-Eastern side of the arrangement or set.
East = Element: Wood | Colour: Green | Brings: Family, Health, Foundation.
South-East = Element: Wood | Colour: Green | Brings: Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth.
Center = Element: Earth | Colour: Brown, Yellow, Pink | Brings: Balance, Unity, Physical Health.
North-East = Element: Earth | Colour: Brown, Yellow, Pink | Brings: Knowledge, Wisdom, Skills.

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Canvas - Worldwide

18x12in.(45x30cm) – $230
27x18in.(68x45cm) – $320
32x21in.(81x53cm) – $365
40x27in.(101x68cm) – $420
48x32in.(121x81cm) – $495

Print Only

6000x4000px, 350dpi – $70

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