Three Sunset Surfers

Three surfers walking along Dreamland beach during Sunset, looking to catch a few more waves before the sun disappears behind the ocean.

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I captured this photograph while we were on our 14 month stint living in Bali, also known as the island of the Gods.
This was 3 surfers, 2 guys and a girl looking for a place to re-enter the ocean to catch a few more waves before the sun dissapears behind the ocean. This photo was taken on Dreamland Beach which is one of the many surfer beaches around the Bukit of Bali.

Feng Shui Principles

On it’s own: Hang this piece in the West or North-Western wall of your property.
Arrangement: Place it in the West or North-Western side of the arrangement or set.

Print location options in order
1. West = Element: Metal | Colours: White, Gold, Silver | Brings: Creative Expression, Future, Ability to Complete, Conception.
2. North-West = Element: Metal | Colours: White, Gold, Silver | Brings: Travel Blessings, Helpful people, Father.

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